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    Hey, there

    I’m Marcus Daniel Joe


    I am an author, mystic, nature lover and starseed here to serve in elevating the vibration of the collective consciousness on Earth.

    This right here is!

    I first started back in 2020 with nothing more than a flash of inspiration and a passion for sharing the incredible messages, energy, and light I learned to receive directly from the angelic realm.

    Now, I’m proud to have created an uplifting online resource for High Vibrational Living that helps millions of people around the world to tap into their inner light, reconnect with Spirit, and to tune into the uplifting support and guidance from the angels and the higher divine realms.

    Learning to reconnect with the spiritual realms has made such a hugely positive impact in my life. I’m honored for the opportunity to now help you to tune into these same blessings and benefits that will surely be rewarding for you in so many ways.

    Thank you for being here! I’m grateful for your unique light and your contributions to our world, and that at this point, our paths have crossed

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